Steve Wells

Over at Formidable Pro, I’m a recommended consultant and help support the plugin in my free time.
“Formidable Pro is a form-builder plugin that is extendable to provide a wide variety of functionality to one’s WordPress site. Robert helps respond to support tickets, and provides independent assistance to our clients who need customizations not built in or supported by our plugin. I have never worked directly with Robert on a project, but one of my clients recently reported that Robert was professional to work with and was able to work through many unexpected issues that arose during the project. I will always recommend Robert to clients who need to hire someone to implement customizations related to our Formidable Pro plugin.”

– Steve Wells

Source: Formidable Pro

David Chan

I worked with David for his work on USA Stunts. David came to me on behalf of USA Stunts in need of a GUI interface for adding new stunt members along with detailed statistics and media. Working with David and his client we were able to come up with a nicely formatted layout with a table listing the available actresses and their brief credentials. The table listing provided links to a detailed layout of each individuals credits and stats along with links, resume’s and photos.
“Bobby was a great help in getting the website’s performance to match the client’s requests and he did it with flying colors. He’s patient and professional and his work is great. I’d definitely recommend him to others and would work with him again.”
-David Chan
Source: United Stuntwoman’s Association  

Jeanette Eng

Jeanette was one of my first clients. Jeanette first came to me in need of a solution to her already customized website. She wanted a personalized blog wrapped inside her current website, which doubled as a portfolio for all of her work and experiences. I helped her come up with a solution by converting her website into a network adding an additional website for blogging. I was able to scrape the web for resources and found a plugin that allowed her websites to communicate with one another by broadcasting posts throughout other network sites. Now she can run a separate blog and include material from it into her original site. She has since came to me with numerous WordPress problems and solutions for her media and will always be a partner of mine.
“Bobby has been instrumental in the the operation and functionality of my website. In my darkest moments, when I thought all was lost and had given up hope on ever finding a solution for my page navigation or gallery display or something else, he had the skills to save the day. One of the most crucial operating pieces of my site: the ability to launch my full blog from a button on the site, was not an option built into the template. Bobby was able to solve the issue, essentially re-designing my site to be the expression of two sites. It was so genius that I can’t explain it, but I’m simply grateful that he had the skills to create what I couldn’t. The greatest thing about Bobby is that he does this out of the kindness of his heart, knowing that many of us self-starters cannot afford a designer. And so he does what he can to help. My site would not be what it is without Bobby’s touch. Thank you!”

-Jeanette Eng

Source: Jeanette Eng

MMO Combat

This is a design currently in progress for an e-sports competition website from the ground up starting with a basic WordPress installation and some intuitive architecture principles. I am able to easily modify the site through use of my techniques and knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress, and it’s resources. With some creativity, custom design and other slight modifications, I am able to create a fully interactive e-sports website. The project is still currently in development, but is fully functional. Features include:
  • Website forum system using the SimplePress forums plugin
  • Website FAQ for users on the front end and a help section in the administrative back end.
  • Forms & tables creatively connected to run as an application for hosting e-sports events.
  • A support ticket system with email notifications.
Source: MMO Combat

Tech Maven Consulting Lauched!

Tech Maven Consulting has launched! We plan on offering consulting services over a wide variety of technologies. We look forward to serving you. This website was built with a basic WordPress installation, a theme, a few additional plugins, and some intuitive architecture principles. Contact us today and we can help you create a visually appealing and interactive website or consult you on how to get there.