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I use WordPress 4.8 + Formidable Pro 2.03.09 and to date there is no solution that allows to sort the elements of a table. FP allows it but only at the creation of the table. The “Table Sorter” plugin allows the sorting of the elements of a table, but this sorting concerns only the displayed elements: it’s therefore not possible to limit the number of elements per page and it is necessary to display them all. The DataTables plugin is the only solution allowing the sorting of the elements of a table with possibility of choosing the number of elements per page. The implementation of this plugin presents no particular difficulty. I personally preferred to keep the native arborescense of the plugin and I adapted the paths in the code of the tutorial: this avoids to forget to move files or directories that can subsequently miss at the call. I also installed the “Do not Muck My Markup” plugin to prevent WordPress from automatically placing P and / P tags that block script execution and prevent DataTables from working. To conclude, a big thank to offering this DataTables plugin and a responsive and efficient support service.

-Tilt (06/13/2017)

I have been using FormidablePro for quite a long time now, but I had a project that required some customization which I was having a hard time to figure out how to work with.

I will be always thankful for being referred to such a good developer as Bobby, not only because he got back to me quickly and did exactly what I wanted him to do, but also because the communication was very easy during the process, despite of my language barrier.

From now on, whenever I need help with Formidable Pro, I am going to contact Bobby first.

-Vera Schafer (02/26/2016)

Bobby did a great job with my project. He was quick, reasonably priced and did wonderful work. I’d highly recommend him.

-Cathy (10/03/2015)

Bobby provides us with outstanding Formidable Forms development at an affordable rate! We receive results in days, not weeks, with clear communication – and forethought into projects to make the end results even better than expected.

-M. Boyd (07/27/2015)

Bobby made a really good extended job demo with a lot of functions. He is very familiar with Formidable and very patient with changing requirements. And the price he is offering is always customer fair.

-Panayot Radinski (07/13/2015)

I was having problems formatting my Formidable Pro Search and Display pages so they would fit on my iPhone correctly, so I sent an email to Bobby Clapp to see if he could help me out. (I found Bobby on the Formidable Pro Web Developer Page.) Bobby answered my email right away and said he would be happy to take a look.

Not only did Bobby get the job done to my extreme satisfaction, he did it in one hour and for a very reasonable price. Before contacting Bobby, I made inquiries all over the Internet regarding Formidable Pro help and everyone else wanted too much money.

From now on, whenever I need a little help with Formidable Pro, I am going to contact Bobby first.

I recommend that you do the same.

But you better contact him quickly before he raises his prices. =)

-Edward Jerome (08/01/2014)

Robert is an excellent programmer, but just as important to me, he is easy to work with. I appreciate his tenacity when it comes to solving problems and his good nature as he does it. I’ll continue to use him myself and recommend him to others for custom work.

-Don Hughes (09/10/2012)

Formidable Pro is a form-builder plugin that is extendable to provide a wide variety of functionality to one’s WordPress site. Robert helps respond to support tickets, and provides independent assistance to our clients who need customizations not built in or supported by our plugin.

I have never worked directly with Robert on a project, but one of my clients recently reported that Robert was professional to work with and was able to work through many unexpected issues that arose during the project.

I will always recommend Robert to clients who need to hire someone to implement customizations related to our Formidable Pro plugin

-Steve Wells (09/15/2012)

Bobby was a great help in getting the website’s performance to match the client’s requests and he did it with flying colors. He’s patient and professional and his work is great. I’d definitely recommend him to others and would work with him again.

-David Chan (09/09/2012)

Bobby has been instrumental in the the operation and functionality of my website. In my darkest moments, when I thought all was lost and had given up hope on ever finding a solution for my page navigation or gallery display or something else, he had the skills to save the day. One of the most crucial operating pieces of my site: the ability to launch my full blog from a button on the site, was not an option built into the template. Bobby was able to solve the issue, essentially re-designing my site to be the expression of two sites. It was so genius that I can’t explain it, but I’m simply grateful that he had the skills to create what I couldn’t. The greatest thing about Bobby is that he does this out of the kindness of his heart, knowing that many of us self-starters cannot afford a designer. And so he does what he can to help. My site would not be what it is without Bobby’s touch. Thank you!

-Jeanette Eng (09/08/2012)