Formidable Pro Development

Web Browser Support

Generally speaking, our web design services shall be completed in accordance with current standard web design practices supporting the latest version of the following web browsers (if allowed also by 3rd party alternative solutions. IE: plugins, scripts, code, etc.):

(Hover the image for version compatibility) IMPORTANT: Our #1 priority is quality service. We believe that quality service is more important than meeting specific project deadlines and will do whatever we can to maintain quality services. With that said, quality design/consulting service takes time and we will do whatever we can to meet your specific project timeline, however please understand that we CANNOT guarantee perfect delivery on project deadlines.

Quality Control

If it isn’t done right, contact us and we will do everything we can to make it right. Our goal is to make YOU the customer happy.

Why Formidable Pro?

Formidable Pro will allow you to build interactive web applications you see throughout the web. Some examples of are Job Listings, Comments and Ratings Systems, To-Do lists, Real Estate Listings, Pricing Calculators (like the one used on this page), Directories, Calendars, Bug Reporting Systems, Image Galleries, Client Databases, etc.

Formidable Pro Overview

Formidable Pro is a state of the art tool designed to work with WordPress providing data acquisition and reporting however you choose to use it.


Forms are where data acquisition takes place. If you frequent the web, you’ve filled out a form somewhere. This is no different. You input data and the information is stored into a database.

Using a drag-and-drop framework you can create simple, beautiful forms, fast. Choose any one of the following field types to build your form:
Single Line Text
Paragraph Text
Radio Buttons
Selectable Dropdown Boxes
Email Address
Section Heading
Page Break
File Upload
Rich Text
Phone Number
Image URL
Data From Entries (Display entries from forms)
Hidden Field
User ID (Hidden)
reCAPTCHA (spam protection)


Views are where the power of Formidable Pro lies. Ultimately you can retrieve the data acquired through forms and display it back in any way that you wish using a visual form builder or custom CSS and HTML.


Formidable Pro provides an interface on the back-end in which you can view entries coming from all your different forms. You can edit or delete those entries as you wish.

Views and Entries might sound pretty similar, however when compared to views, you are extremely limited with Entries as they are only shown on the back-end and you have only one way to view them (the standard WordPress reporting table). On the other hand, Views are implemented via a custom post type creating a “template” in which your data will be displayed. You can have an unlimited amount of Views with different ways to display back the collected data. On top of that you can use a view shortcode to display the view anywhere you wish (Post, Page, Widget, etc.).

Great! Why do I need you?

While there is the capability to create an amazing application without a developers touch, understanding everything under the hood will provide your application the horsepower to exceed your expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, the documentation for Formidable Pro is there and you can pull together the information needed to create your application with every little help, but understanding the presentation, workflow and the architecture of the design process of a complex application requires experience. For Formidable Pro to be as effective as it can be a person has to know the fundamentals of CSS and HTML at minimum. On top of that it may be necessary to know Javascript & JQuery and potentially even PHP for custom scripts.

For example, sure you can collect a name, an address, a city, a state, a zip code, a phone number, and the persons sex, create a simple view that will display that information back for you on a per line basis. You can even choose how it loads on the page as either ascending or descending and the number of items shown with paging.

Now lets say you would rather use your view as a reporting tool or advanced entry view. As a developer I can code and style each column into a table and provide code that will allow you to sort each column ascending or descending on the fly with a click of the column. Taking that a step further, I can style the table and incorporate a form that will allow you to search through your entries based on input coming from the form in the form of a search filter. Taking all of that a step further, you could have a dynamic view showing a simplistic list of entries with say 4 important columns of information. Using the example above those might be name, address, city, and state. We would then add a link to the “detailed” entry which would show those same 4 fields in addition to the zip code, phone number, and sex of the person in a nicely displayed page looking similar to that which might come out of output of a document processor. We can go beyond all of that even further, put in a form within the detailed view, linked to the entry, that also collects and displays back a collection of contacts per user with each user having their own contact lists. The possibilities are somewhat limitless.

Ultimately, you can take something like an Microsoft Access database and make it a web application database. Things you struggle to keep a proper, stream-lined record system of, can be pushed into a systematic web application.

Big or small, simple or detailed, together we could create an intuitive, brilliant web based application. You could be the holder of an ingenious idea to develop a software as a service in the form of a Formidable Pro web application. You’ve got ideas, lets work together and make your ideas a living and breathing web site/application.

Scheduling & Availability
Your project will be managed by me, a single (less needed assistance beyond their experience) individual whom works a regular 8-5 (EST) job, Monday through Friday, has a family to attend and occasionally will be enrolled in on-going technical training courses to further expand my experience available to you. The larger the project and the lesser amount of time available to finish the project, the tougher it will be for me to satisfy your requirements. I have numerous satisfied clients and generally have been able to meet or exceed the project expectations.

Important Note

The architecture of a design is a huge undertaking in developing a web application. You could build what you believe is the perfect design and then once the application finds itself live on the web you may see the need to integrate additional features or make changes. In regards to the original architecture, if you haven’t planned for this sort of customization, you may find yourself rebuilding the entire application. Although most designs I’ve encountered can be accomplished through Formidable Pro, you may run into certain barriers to the extent of which any combination of systems (your developer, WordPress, Formidable Pro, etc.) may prohibit the completion of your project.

Feel free to send me an inquiry about your project. I will attempt to point you in the right direction. Thanks for your time!