Tech Maven Consulting is always looking for partners. As part of our business strategy there are some concerns that our future partners may need to consider.

I do not make a living on the Consulting Services I provide, therefor an occasional loss doesn’t effect me as it may some. I work a 40hr 8-5pm EST job and do Web Development/Consulting as a hobby. I do not at this point in time have any residual income that I hold on to, to be able to pay my partners in advance.

When partnering with Tech Maven Consulting, we and our partners must work diligently to do our best to make sure the project scope will stay within the realm of the budget for a proposed project. There will be times where we will be doing more work than the project is budgeted for. There will also be an occasion time when a project or client will go sour, however with the business strategy of satisfying the customer at as fair a cost as we can reason, residual income becomes more of a reality. The bond of your word to complete a project with a client in which you take on work, is a strong signal of how your business will perform.

As this is more of hobby for me, I’m willing to take the larger hit in a project in which project creep encounters. I do however determine a minimum that I will to make as the consultant and for providing the lead of work.

Being a small business, payments to our partners will only be processed when the client is satisfied and pays the total price for the project. Those payments will be dependent upon how the project is bid. Typically, for new clients, a % of the total bill will be required to start work, with potential progress payments along the way. Additionally, if the clients correspondence does not support the completion of work relative to the timeline outlined in the proposal for work, then additional fees may be required. For recurring clients who bring us work this payment structure may not be as heavily enforced as history has shown the client is capable of making the payments agreed to and is continuing to support our business with more work.

Additionally, our partners will need to be available for work and correspondence during my availability which happens to be 8-12pm EST Monday through Friday and sporadically throughout the weekend, but generally after 8pm EST. All payments received and outgoing will be processed through PayPal. Typically, for the kind of work we do, we are not able to pay the rate of experienced partners who work on large projects and with large clients. However, if they too are looking to make a little extra money and are willing to reduce their rate in our favor, we can work out a partnership. Typically, our work consists of less than 50 lines of code, which is to extend an existing plugin or theme to be able to support a needed feature that isn’t supported by that plugin or theme.

I acknowledge that this presents an interesting place to build a partnership, but I retain many of my clients and they typically return for additional work. Also, I turn away a fair amount of work because I’m not proficient enough to timely and accurately provide PHP/MySQL code changes that will fit the request for work relative to the budget. That also goes to say that sometimes the client budget does not always fit the request for work.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to build a successful side business with a good business strategy of simply satisfying the client. Do you wish to be partner of Tech Maven Consulting?

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Happy customers make a business successful!