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Extremely helpful and provided solutions that worked in no time at all.

-Divya Sivaramakrishnan (12/10/2018)

My experience working with Bobby has been excellent. He quickly grasped what I was trying to achieve and came up with an effective solution to a complicated issue. He is very knowledgeable of Formidable Forms and goes above and beyond to help. Highly recommended.

-dimitris (10/15/2018)

I was really, really in a bind with my project, carrying the weight of my clients expectations… and while I was 90% there, the last 10% was critical and I could not figure out how to fix it. I reached out to two developers, both responded immediately. While I did my best to describe my situation and needs, Bobby kept asking me questions. I knew he was really trying to understand what I needed… and he was figuring out what I didn’t know so he could show me a different way of looking at this. To make a long story short, it happened he was available to meet right then, so via Skype, and within an hour, not only had Bobby solved my problem, but he patiently taught me what to do and how to do it… not leaving me until he was satisfied I knew what I was doing. Now, what at one time seemed impossible is not only possible, but works like a charm. He is kind, knowledgeable, and patient. I am forever indebted to Bobby.

-coleverria (10/09/2018)

Bobby is nothing short of incredible. He can be tough to get because he’s pretty busy I think, but well worth the wait. He totally understood what I needed to accomplish, his communication was always timely and clear. I really hope he and I can work on more together. Thanks Bobby. Top Shelf Service and Quality of work.
– Barb.

-Barb Pilgrim (10/07/2018)

I use WordPress 4.8 + Formidable Pro 2.03.09 and to date there is no solution that allows to sort the elements of a table. FP allows it but only at the creation of the table. The “Table Sorter” plugin allows the sorting of the elements of a table, but this sorting concerns only the displayed elements: it’s therefore not possible to limit the number of elements per page and it is necessary to display them all. The DataTables plugin is the only solution allowing the sorting of the elements of a table with possibility of choosing the number of elements per page. The implementation of this plugin presents no particular difficulty. I personally preferred to keep the native arborescense of the plugin and I adapted the paths in the code of the tutorial: this avoids to forget to move files or directories that can subsequently miss at the call. I also installed the “Do not Muck My Markup” plugin to prevent WordPress from automatically placing P and / P tags that block script execution and prevent DataTables from working. To conclude, a big thank to offering this DataTables plugin and a responsive and efficient support service.

-Tilt (06/13/2017)